Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hike at the Gaff Trail

Our next summer adventure was a hike at the Gaff Trail.  We found out about this trail when we were visiting the Hirtles Beach.  The hike wasn't to long which made it good.

We normally are off somewhere  for our Anniversary, but this year we stuck with the seeing new things theme and for our 29th we decided to hike this trail that we found when we were visiting Hirtles Beach.

It was a very windy day.

The waves weren't quite as high as the last time we were here.

My hubby, Peter.

The tide is on its way in.

The rocks are round, from the water beating over them.  They make good rocks to right saying on, which I have a few.

I'm ready to go.

Starting up the trail, it was well looked after.

Okay we will be careful.

I was happy with this trail, you have some scenery along the way.

Heading around the other side.

Looked like alot of slate rock.  I wouldn't want to fall down there.

Break time, to check out the beauty.

And pictures of course.

The wind blew so hard, it looked like I had a pony tail. haha.

As we traveled along there were a bunch of rocks that different people must have done when they travelled by.  Like those rocks that they say, "So they will know we were here", I wanted to work on one, maybe next time.

This is what I mean.

I felt like I was on Survivor, and walking the memory trail.

This one was different.

The sun was hitting the water just right at this point.

It was so pretty.

This was along the trail.

And this chair, out in the middle of no-where, so cool.

So of course I had to sit in it.

I didn't know why this was there, and wasn't about to find out, haha.

Okay back in the woods we go.

The walkway was done so well.

Enjoying a little rest after we finished.  Now we have to walk back up the beach for like 10 minutes.


  1. What a nice hike! I love those round rocks...wish I had more of them with me Alberta! The chair in the middle of nowhere...that is so cool! Beautiful scenery Nancy! Thanks for sharing! Angie xo

  2. Yeah! You did it ! You got some link boxes up! Awesome job! Angie xo


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