Thursday, September 30, 2010

Annual Halls Harbour Visit

I know I said we were discovering new places this summer and we have been to Halls Harbour many times, but what made this time different was that we walked in the opposite direction that we are use to and we seen things we have never seen before or knew existed!  So here we go.
Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia

Many people come here, just to look around, walk the beach, or eat at the restaurant.

The big rocks are to prevent the water from eroding the banks.

Peter enjoying his day.

It is usually a little cooler over here, but not on this day.

The tide was out.

The tide will fill this area in.

Love my day trips.

Cute one.

Quite a big squirrell.

A small wishing well lighthouse.

This is an old General Store.  You would think you were stepping back in time.

The room was full of different, interesting signs.

We usually walk on the other side of that wharf.

Some very nice cottages along the banks.

I think that looks like an angel standing beside me on the right.

Very different rocks.

This was awesome!  And there was a cave in it!

You can't see this very well, but it is Cape Split off in the distance.

An eagle was flying overhead.

We found this very interesting cottage when we were leaving.  

Full moon tonight.

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