Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our next roadtrip was to Hirtle Beach in Lunenburg County

Here is another new beach that we hadn't discovered until this summer.  Makes you wonder where have we been all of these years.  This is Hirtles Beach.  It wasn't even that easy to find but we found it.
The only sign to the beach.

All along the boardwalk were name in memory of other people.

A very beautiful area.

I thought he was quite interesting.

Some beaches  around N.S. are great for the waves.

I find such peace by the ocean.

And they find their joy being in the ocean, haha.

Pretty cool kite.

Wow, look at this one.

A beautiful cliff off of the beach.

Lots of room to hang out.

On our way out.

We weren't very far from Lunenburg, so took a quick drive there.

Ate here, pricey but good.

Along the boardwalk outside.

The South Shore and all of its beauty.

The famous Fishermans Muesum, which contains the restaurant where we ate.

We went into this gift shop before we left.

They have horse and wagon rides that take you through the town.

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  1. We love Lunenburg! The Fisheries Museum is Tyler's favourite museum. Those waves at Hirtles Beach look fantastic! We went for a tour in one of the horse and buggies one summer when were home and Tyler nearly fell out of the buggy watching the horse take a poo! LOL! Angie xo


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