Monday, March 25, 2013

Homemade Chalkboard

I like easy, and boy was this easy.  Even for a craft challenged person like me.
The chalkboards are quite popular right now and I have been wanting to do one.
So on the weekend I went to Michaels and found the chalkboard paint.
And it was only $1.69 oh yeah. Then I needed a brush $1.29.
Then I figured I would need chalk of course. $2.29.
Then I went to the Dollarama and got a canvas $1.00.
That's it, so you do two coats, one vertical, wait an hour.
Next one horizontal.  I waited another hour to be completely dry.
Then they say rub chalk over it to condition, and you are ready to go.
Now, next time I will get a bigger canvas, or a picture frame, or a window.
You can tell I have got the chalkboard fever!
My almost finished product.  I also decided to paint around the outside.
I didn't pick it up or anything, just took the brush and went around the outside.

The conditioning part.
I am so happy to have this for whatever reason!
My little easter egg tree (about 4 1/2 dozen) eggs on it.
Compared to my moms with well over 200!
And my chalkboard :) It's first official duty.

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