Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Solar Light Jar

This has been my weekend of experiments.  And of course I can give pinterest and their members credit for giving me ideas that I can do myself!  I love it.  So my next thing to do was the solar light jar.  They did theirs out of a mason jar.  I wanted to be a little different, so I went to the area I call "of no return", my basement.  And I found an old peanut butter bear jar that I didn't have the heart to throw out yet.  I took that, put in a bottle of sand I had (we like to get sand from our road trips) from Ormand Beach in Florida.  Put some sea shells I have found on local beaches, hot glued my light on top.  The idea is great especially for the solar lights that the stems have been broken and you have no use for the tops, now I do!  Except I should have made sure it was going to light up at night before I put it out but it comes off easy and I get to use my glue gun again, haha.  So here goes:

I say you should take your memories and use them, don't keep them stored away to forget.

Very few things needed for this.

I put glue around the top.

Make sure your light will fit your jar before you start.

Right now I have it in with my rocks I collect from different places, but that's not it's permanent home, I just want to keep it safe for now.

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  1. awww that is super cute!!! i bet it is pretty at night!you will have to take a pic of him lit up.


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