Friday, January 3, 2014

Glass Jar Craft

I tried my hand at making Glass Jar gifts for Christmas, and they actually turned out to be quite easy to make.  I bought the glass jars at our local Home Depot. I happen to have the lights at home. At least have 20 lights on the set. then put any ribbon on you like.  I chose to use burlap, which I purchased at our local farm market (Hennigars), also I got the things to glue on top of the burlap and Hennigars also.  Gift in total cost, around $20. Not bad I say, so here goes:

 First you start with the glass jar. Insert your lights in the hole provided.
 This is what I picked out to put on this one. I don't over complicate things.
 I could only find this burlap at our farmers market. They had some at Michaels but not the size I wanted.
 So I cut enough to go all away around, then hot glued it together.

 Cut enough to go the other way, glue that. Which is the fun part.
 I didn't wait around, I moved on to the next step.
 Glued on the star.
 I put a lot of glue on it to make sure it would hold.
Then lite her up. I would say she will like it. I did, so I made two more so all the girls in the family will have one.  Did you make any homemade gifts for Christmas gifts?

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  1. What a creative idea and it turned out great.


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