Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enjoying February in Nova Scotia

With our lack of blizzards and big snow storms this winter, it has sure made the time go buy just a little bit faster.  It's February already and the sun is gaining strength in the sky, it sure feels good coming through the windows.  It's been cold, but nothing we can't handle.  Yesterday was 3 C and to some that might be cold, but for us, it was a treat.  So we got out for a little walk in the woods to enjoy it.  So if you are getting the winter blahs, take advantage of the nice days and get outside and when the sun is shining, even stand in the window to get some of the rays. 

I thought this guy was cute.  He wasn't on our walk.

This was in Hants County, people go here a lot to  ice fish, and you can see it from the 101 Highway.

A fishing hut.

Now this is on our walk, there is some snow that has stayed on the trees, which makes it nice.

The woods is so peaceful.

Of course I never get tired of taking pictures of Blomidon.

My grandson is now old enough to walk the whole way with sleds, and that's a good thing.  My husband and dog love their walks also.

I thought this was quite cool.

Some of my family.  My daughters, husband and grandson.  We had a good walk.

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