Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Moms 83rd Birthday

Well we had another successful birthday for my mom.  She usually celebrates with all of her sisters which she is still so lucky to have.  They celebrate all of their birthdays together, then we have our own on her day.  As hard as it is for me to try and forget 30 yrs ago on this day, it changed our lives, I decided there is nothing I can do about that, and if you let old memories to keep coming in (especially the bad ones), then that just sets the tone for the day.  My mom never mentions it, I know so we won't get upset, but we are very strong people.  So we had our little celebration and mom and Yvon bought themselves a new tree, so my sister mentioned that we should decorate it.  So without moms permission haha, we went ahead and did it.  There was Brenda, Jen, Kim, myself all had a hand in it, while the great grandsons decorated their own that great grammie had setup for them.  In a flash it was done, and I hope she likes it!  If not believe me she will change it, haha.  Happy Birthday mom. luv you.
Mom & the boys went to blow out her candles and of course Peter takes one big blow and they didn't even get to do it, so we had to relight.  Funny thing is mom didn't even realize Peter did it, haha.

Okay boys, lets do this again.  I am glad they are getting to know and love their great grammie.  Especially since she feeds them alot! haha.

I am sure my mom will remember this day.

Cole absolutely loved the nutcracker.

Cole and mommy

My daughters and my sister.

So happy everyone got together.  Tyler came up from the city to help celebrate.  And so did Brenda.

We create some noise and confusion but we love it, haha.  This is my daughter Jen, Tylers girlfriend Violet, Son Tyler, daughter Kim and Jens son Cole.

Sister Brenda, mom Phyllis and myself

I think they enjoyed it.  Mom & Yvon.

Well that is how we left it, I wonder if it will look that way the next time we go in, haha.


  1. se had a really nice day!! it was fun decorating the tree!!

  2. Please tell your Mom I wish her a Happy Birthday! She is a terrific lady who has an amazing amount of strength! Beautiful family pictures Nancy! It is so nice to see everybody! Angie xo


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