Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun with my grandsons

We have two grandchildren, and they love coming to grammie and grampies house.  We get lots of hugs and kisses.  Who knew you could love anyone as much as you love your own children.  But wait until your grandchildren arrive.  Jen brings Morgan up to our little community church to go to Sunday school.  They get a visit at grammies because it is on the way by.  So we decided to make some rice krispie squares, and do they ever like to get right in there and help out.

Cole got a hair cut from grammie before we got started.  But I think he needs to go to the hair dresser next time.

Morgan getting in from Sunday school.

Who's up for making rice krispie squares? ME

We were trying to get 40, grampie had to step in and count, boys were getting in a bit of a hurry.

Melting the margarine.

Morgan found out the pan was hot.

Measuring out the rice krispies.

They make sure they get their turn.

Okay Cole, this is the first time you are allowed around a stove, supervised of course.

Putting the marshmellows in.

The santa oven mitts had to come out.

Pouring them in.

Stir Morg stir!

I was trying to hang on while they unloaded.

A little hard.

I showed them the trick to pressing them down without getting in a mess.  You rinse your hands under cold water, and go to it.  They liked that part.

Grammie trying not to give orders.

The look of satisfaction.

And to taste test the finished product.  What do you think Cole?  Ticky, he says, ticky grammie :)

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  1. those pics are so cute!!! they love grammie and grampies house!


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