Monday, September 27, 2010

Summerville Beach & Carter Beach

Our next summer road trip was to Summerville Beach & Carter Beach , down Liverpool way, in Nova Scotia.  We have been to Summerville many times, but we were informed about Carter Beach and wanted to check it out.  Hope you enjoy.

We started at Summerville Beach

Sorry for the mess up, I am still learning how to use these options, this photo isn't suspose to be at this point, but will have to do, haha.

Carter Beach, when you walk out on it you will think you are in the Tropics.
The sunset after the trip.  Don't ask why it is up here.

The ocean was so blue & green.

I little Island overlooked the beach.  If anyone is interested in geo-cacheing, there is one there.

Our Western Shore has the most beautiful beaches.

You would think this is the end of the beach, but if you go up over the bank, it goes on and on.

And there it is.

Peter enjoying his vacation.

I love the big strange rocks in this Province.

Still at Carter's Beach

We ate here when we were finished, back in Hunts Point.

Nice meal.

Another one of my favorite sunsets.

This sand dollar was at Summerville Beach.

So was this jelly fish.

This is the Atlantic Ocean and it is cold!

The beach is a mile long.

And it is all white sand, and beautiful.

It just sparkles in the sunlight.

The boardwalk.

The villas that overlook the ocean.

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  1. I said this was the Western shore, but it is the South Shore.


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