Friday, September 24, 2010

Hike to Cape Split

We decided this summer to explore a little of our own Province, Nova Scotia.  We have both lived here all of our lives and haven't seen it all.  So I decided to do and see things that we have before.  So this was number 1 on the list, and that was to hike Cape Split.  It took close to 4 hrs in and back and were we ever tired when we were finished and it took me most of the week to walk without pain, but it was worth every second.
                                            Yes it was all the way to the tip. On the North Mtn.
                                          The terrian was a little rough at times.
                                          Peter found a Geo-cache on the trail!
                                          A Geo is a hidden treasure, you find the location, find
                                           it if you can, sign it add something and put it back.
                                         We have reached the end.
                                          This is the first split.
                                          It was so worth it when we got to the end.
                                          The beauty right here under our noses is amazing.
                                          The cliffs are quite steep.

                                          Our hiking group.  My hubby, his brother, my sister,
                                           her boyfriend & grandson.
                                          Beauty from every angle.
                                          We weren't the only ones here on this beautiful day.

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  1. Good for you!! I haven't done that hike in many, many years!! Angie xo


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