Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day Trip to Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

On Peters vacation in July we decided to take a day trip to Parrsboro, we have never been there.  It was about a 2 1/2 hr drive.  But seeing something new was worth the trip.
Our first stop was at the Five Island Provincial Park.  You can get a good view of the Five Islands from there.

We had to drive about a km back off of the road, but was worth it.
I stand in amazement at the beauty around us.
On a clear day we can view these Islands from home over 200 km away.

You can see here how Cape Blomidon/Cape Split line up.  So close but yet so far.

We enjoy our day trips.

From the highway you can get a good view of all 5.
We have arrived in Parrsboro.  this is the Kipawo.  years ago this boat would take passengers from Parrsboro to Wolfville.

But they kept the boat and used it in this Ships Company Theatre.
Pretty Amazing

The way she looked when she was in service.
I know, it says Ottawa, but we are in N.S.  It is the name of the Muesum.

This beach was down by the Ottawa House Museum.  We just follow the roads and see where they will take us.  I have always wanted to see what the other side of Blomidon looked like.

I believe there are fossils here.
The fish nets were very interesting.
This is Cape Split.  This is where we hiked a week ago.  You can't see this from our side, you have to hike there.

That is the beach we were just at.
Back in the town, we found a road that lead to a wharf, which we could see this lighthouse, and watch the tide roll in (we have the highest tides in the world), and also found a great place to eat, highly recommended.

Don't ever let looks fool you.  When we went into this restaurant it was clean and the food was homecooked and delicious.  We have been on a quest to find the best fish and chips this summer and this was second on our list.

Another beautiful sunset after our long journey.

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